Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island Review

Don’t want to read a review filled with spoilers? Head over to IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes because you’re in the wrong place, my friend. Seriously, there’s a lot.

You may or may not have read my Beauty and the Beast review in which I mentioned a Kong: Skull Island review would be coming soon. If you’d like to check it out, I’ll link it here. If not, the gist of my comment about Kong was that it was a disappointment for me. Kong was a movie I had spent months waiting excitedly for. The trailers were epic and enticing and the movie poster had such a great design I didn’t see how it couldn’t be a great time. I had some concern it wouldn’t be good but typically with action movies, I’m able to over look some plot holes or a weak story with cheesy dialog if the overall movie is still good. If anything, I was hoping if Kong didn’t blow my mind, it would still be fun and I could walk away satisfied. Unfortunately, Kong neither blew my mind nor left me satisfied.

I’m not saying Kong was a bad movie, just extremely disappointing in some departments. I think my biggest problem with the movie was the writing. The plot was weak and the characters weren’t interesting. Samuel L. Jackson should have been the most interesting character in the movie as a man seeking vengeance for his troops after leaving a war he considered pointless. Jackson played the part well, the role just wasn’t written in a believable or logical manner. Every scene he was in was predictable and boring. This eventually seemed to happen with every scene regardless of Jackson’s presence because the movie lacked character development. Kong was the most sympathetic and interesting character overall and he didn’t get enough time to shine through the boring dialog and predictable sexual tension between two bland characters. Even the tribe of natives with interesting customs don’t talk or do anything but stare at the main characters. The soldiers were the saving grace for this movie. They were hilarious but also made the movie very serious when they decided to turn against their commander and deal with the consequences of that.

The ending was really what sealed my opinion on this movie. Kong seeing the helicopters and getting ready to attack would have been the perfect spot to end the movie. It was interesting and puts an urgency back into the movie. To leave the audience on a cliff hanger like that would have been fun and creative. Instead, during the credits the video of the WWII soldier returning home to find his wife and son ruined the purpose of that last scene. They did make it out. Somehow his wife never remarried and were ready to welcome him back into their lives. I thought it was cute but really took us away from Skull Island and Kong’s rage.

I’m not here to just talk negatively about a movie many people put a lot of hard work into. There were some really good things about Kong as well. To say the CGI wasn’t incredible would be a lie. The detail that went into Kong was intricate and realistic and made every interaction with his environment believable. The Skull Crawlers were really cool to look at and were really fun to watch fight. The action in this movie was also excellent. Watching Kong walk through fire was epic and the final fight between him and “The Big One” had me curled up on my seat and watching with anticipation and stress. Even scenes without Kong were fun. The scene with the spider legs in the bamboo was extremely stressful and creative.

Overall, Kong: Skull Island was a fun movie but had poor writing and weak characters. It was a beautiful movie to look at with some really great action and adventure. It’s not necessarily a movie I would seek out to watch again, but if it were on TV, I’d leave it on to pass the time or as background noise.  I would never turn down a chance to watch Tom Hiddleston and King Kong for a couple of hours.