Race Through New York With Jimmy Fallon

I Raced Through New York with Jimmy Fallon

Disney World is the most impressive theme park in the central Florida area by far, but if you’re a Florida resident and you just want some cheaper amusement park fun, Universal is the place to go. I became a pass holder and it’s changed my view on parks completely. If you go on vacation to a park, you’re usually rushing to cram everything in without stopping to fully enjoy the experience. Now, I can spend an entire day at Universal or only stop in for lunch and I’ll have a great time. My Universal buddy and I went over to the parks for a quick visit and we were in for quite a treat.

My friend and I walked up to a sign that said “Pass Holder Event” not knowing anything was going on. We thought we’d be getting a free soda or pretzel or maybe a tour through a set. We were actually at a special preview for the new Jimmy Fallon ride. If you like how the Dumbo line is set up, you’ll fall in love with the Jimmy Fallon line. It feels like you’re actually in Rockefeller building. There’s a down stairs waiting room with exhibits of all past Tonight Show hosts. The upstairs has couches with touch screen tables with games on it. There’s also live entertainment while you wait. We walked straight through the first level so I couldn’t look through everything but I got to spend about ten minutes upstairs and I was loving every second of it. I was disappointed initially that it wasn’t a roller coaster, but I loved the ride. The ride itself isn’t like the minions ride, which is what I expected so I’m glad it was something new and refreshing. Since I walked straight on, I was shocked to see the line that had formed around the building since we had gone in. Even if the line seems brutal from the outside, both the wait and ride are a lot of fun and I highly recommend checking it out.

Of course we also had to ride The Mummy. I feel like no trip to Universal Studios is ever complete without that ride. This sparked a frequent conversation Laura and I have on coasters versus 4D rides. As much as I enjoy the newer rides, the 3D and 4D rides get boring. I was hoping Race Through New York would be a Mummy 2.0. I’m now placing all of my hopes on the new Fast and Furious Ride being an indoor coaster. Even big Coasters like Dragon Challenge (or Dueling Dragons) is under debate for being removed. I never see the line above 30 minutes which worries me because I think rollercoasters are essential in any great theme park. I think the Harry Potter rides do a great job of making the 4D interesting and Kong is by far one of the most impressive rides I’ve been on, but nothing compares to the thrill of a coaster. While I like the new system, I want more thrill and adventure.

Overall, the day was great. We got some drinks at The Hopping Pot, rode E.T. (mainly for the smell), and jumped over to IoA for Dragon Challenge and Burger Digs. Moral of the story is, sometimes skipping class pays off (I’m just kidding, mom).

I would really like to know anyone else’s opinion on the Fallon ride and the great 4D versus coasters debate. Let me know what you think because I’d really like some more insight from fellow theme park fans.